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Gold Coast bed bug control experts you can trust!

Bed bugs are everywhere that people travel because bed bugs travel with people! Bed bugs are found in public places like hotels, motels, hostels, cinemas, waiting rooms, ferries, buses, trams, trains, planes and automobiles.

If you are unlucky enough, bed bugs will hitch a ride back to your home. Eeew!

Bed bugs are small blood-sucking creatures that only feed on blood, primarily us humans but also other warm-blooded animals.

Bed bugs are nocturnal, hibernating during the day within cracks & crevices in or around bedding and furniture and venturing out in the dark to feed on their warm-blooded victims. Generally, the bedbug is not associated with any severe cross-infection or transmission of disease to humans.

Bed bug bites can cause an allergic reaction, generally associated with localised swelling and of course itching. A bedbug is also a very hardy insect. Not only are they great at hitching a lift and adapting to any new environment they are also challenging to eradicate effectively once they have established themselves.

All in all, bed bugs are bloody annoying and unless a bedbug infestation is treated once detected they will only continue to spread and increase in numbers.


Choosing a professional Gold Coast pest control service for bed bugs

If you’re on the Gold Coast and are having problems with bed bug bites, you are finding them annoying, or possibly even distressing your children being bit, then the most effective action on getting rid of bed bugs is to find an expert Gold Coast pest controllers to help. They know where to look, what methods to use and can also advise you on how to prevent future problems once the infestation is dealt with. Most offer a range of treatment options which means whatever cycle the bed bugs are in, they are found and destroyed. To get the best Gold Coast pest control experts, you need to find the best company that offers a high level of competence has the training and is happy to answer questions about anything from methods used to health and safety concerns.

What to look for in your Gold Coast bed bug control expert?

Some key criteria for your bed bugs treatment experts are:

  1. A license and certification – Make sure they have the right paperwork so that you know they are meeting the industry standards.
  2. Member of an industry association – There are several associations they might be a member of and that is a good thing as they have strict criteria for a business to join.
  3. Good reviews – Check that they have a good reputation and that the reviews online are generally positive. You can also check with people you know about their recommendations.
  4. No hidden costs – Ensure they are honest about costs and how long the treatment will take.
  5. Experience – Look for a recognised pest control company that has some experience. They will be better at problem-solving and be more established so you can better trust them.