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Ants in the house can be controlled by surface sprays, which are an effective ant killer for the ants that you see. However, ants in the house are merely foragers collecting food and therefore killing ants with surface spray is NOT an effective way to get rid of ants because the ant colony is often hidden deep underground and can contain over a million ants!

Got ant infestation in your Gold Coast homes and business premises? Get rid of ants by calling for professional Gold Coast ant control experts. Our pest control network have pest controllers providing competitive prices for commercial and residential customers.


How to get rid of ants

Professional methods for getting rid of ants have improved over time. Pest technicians apply ant treatment products such as Termidor for ants to the outside exterior foundation walls of your house, to effectively eliminate an ant infestation in the house. The forager ants crawl over the treatment then transfer the chemical back to the ant nest and destroy the ant colony.

It is impossible to permanently get rid of external ants but these treatments are highly effective in reducing the ant population in your yard. Professional ant control is very effective but warranties do not apply to ant infestations in the yard. Most ants that reside in your backyards will be a mere nuisance and seldom come indoors to feed.

Elimination of Green Ants (Greenhead ants, Rhytidoponera spp) and Bulldog Ants (Myrmecia spp) and their nests should be dealt with immediately as they are aggressive when their nests are disturbed and will inflict painful ant bites.

The treatments that our Gold Coast ant control experts use for ant infestation are environmentally friendly, and child and animal-safe.

Slow-acting chemicals will destroy the ant colony over the course of approximately one month.

Ant prevention

The small size of ants means they can enter your house through the tiniest of cracks. The trick is to eliminate things that will attract ants into your home in the first place. You can never underestimate the value of good housekeeping when it comes to getting rid of pests inside our homes.

  • Eliminate water sources for thirsty ants – wipe your sinks, fix leaking taps & keep the toilet lid closed.
  • Eliminate ant food sources by cleaning up crumbs and food spills, washing dirty dishes straight away, vacuuming regularly and keeping rubbish in a tightly sealed bin.
  • Store your food in airtight containers and wipe any spills or dribbles from condiment jars and bottles, especially sauce bottles and sweet things such as honey and syrups.
  • Make sure Fido isn’t adding to the problem – wash your pet’s food bowl after meals and sweep up any crumbs or spills.
  • In your garden, control sap-sucking insects such as aphids. They produce honeydew which lures ants.


Are Ants Dangerous?

Ants are a common yet unwelcome visitor to our homes and gardens. Ants become pests by:

  • Entering our kitchen to feed on crumbs, rubbish and sweet substances such as honey and sugar.
  • As they forage, ants pick up bacteria and fungi on their feet and transfer them onto our food, speeding up the process of food spoilage.
  • Ants hang around our bathrooms, toilets and kitchen sinks in search of water.
  • Some ant species construct ant nests within wall cavities, ceilings and brickwork in our homes.
  • Some ant species, including Black Ants, will infest wood. However, ants will only tunnel through dead or damaged wood and will not attack sound timber like ants.
  • Some species infest our lawns. Funnel ants build towers of loose soil around the entrance to their ant nest, spoiling the appearance of carefully tended lawns. Green ants also love to tunnel through our grass and will deliver a painful sting if disturbed (especially if you’re unfortunate enough to run over a nest with the lawnmower)!
  • Some ants will burrow around pavers, paths and garden edging, scattering dirt all over the place and making our pavers wobbly and unstable.
  • Ants such as the Black House Ant produce an unpleasant odour when crushed. Other species such as green ants and bull ants will inflict a very painful sting. However, unless you suffer an allergic reaction, the effects of these stings are generally minor and short-lived. Try telling that to a 3-year old!
  • Introduced species such as Fire Ants threaten our native plants and wildlife and can inflict a dangerous sting.

Having said this, not all ants are bad and many are extremely important in our environment. Ants play a major role in dispersing seeds and their predatory behaviour helps to control populations of many pest insects. Ants also provide a valuable cleaning service – carting away the bodies of any dead insects and small animals back to their nests.

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