Fixed Price Pest Control Leads (Pay Per Lead)

A pest control company can’t make money without leads. But too often marketing services fail to deliver the leads promised, or the cost means you’re working to pay for ads with little left over. It’s a common and frustrating situation that can cripple a business. So how do you get consistent, affordable pluming leads? The answer is called “Pay Per Lead”. In short, it means you pay a fixed price for exclusive, screened, ready to buy pest control leads.

How does pay per lead work?

  • Our established brand and website attracts thousands of visitors from Google every week.
  • When they request a local pest controller we route email enquiries and phone calls directly to you.
  • We screen for quality so you only pay for qualified pest control leads.

Most pay per lead services offer “3 quotes” or more for customers and sell the lead to your competitors as well. Others add their own markup to already expensive Google Ads leaving you working for nothing.

Pest Control Heroes pay per lead is different. Our website attracts thousands of visitors from Google every week, generating affordable, exclusive pest control leads to grow your business with predicable pricing.

We know you’re going to generate a great return on investing in pay per lead. We’ve already invested our own time and money into SEO for pest controllers, so there’s no risk for you at all. In fact we guarantee you’ll generate a return on your first purchase or we’ll keep sending leads until you do.


Can you send pest control leads in my area?

We rank for pest control services Australia wide. Leads are exclusive to you in your region, we provide leads in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Adelaide, Sunshine Coast and beyond. Limited regions are remaining and there is an approval process for membership.

How much can I make buying pest control leads?

Because our pest control leads are fixed price, this is a very simple ROI calculation. Say you purchase 20 leads for $500. Typically pest controllers in our network close 50% of calls and the average pest control job value is $350. That’s 10 jobs or $3500 revenue and a huge 7x return on investment!

Am I wasting money on Google Ads?

It’s time Google Ads got their hand out of your wallet. Expensive ads can smash profits with just a few clicks, especially paying for calls from spammers and people looking for jobs. With Pay Per Lead you can forget expensive account management fees, contract periods and lead costs up to $100 per call. Only pay for ready to buy, fixed price, exclusive leads that grow your business.

What kind of leads can I expect?

Here are a few examples of leads for pest controllers sent to our members with our pay per lead model…

“Need the place sprayed asap please. Due to give virtual soon and found white tail spiders.”
“We need termite inspection and baiting system around the house and the property needs to be checked.”
“Hi.. we are leaving our rental property and we have to have pest control done as we have a pet. Could you please provide a quote for a 2 bedroom 2 bathroom apartment. Thank you :)”
“We saw a redback spiders in our backyard and would want to get rid of them. I think a few cockroach and ants too outside.”
“I’ve been hearing a scratching in the walls and I don’t know what it is and want to have it checked out please.”
“Past two days I’ve been woken up to a scratching/gnawing sounds in the roof. It’s happened before because rodents somehow find their way into our house after it rains heavily.”
“Suspected possum, found droppings on the deck and around swimming pool that weren’t there a couple of days ago.”

Want exclusive pest control leads in your local neighbourhood? Get in touch before your competition to avoid disappointment!

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