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Getting bugged by pests whilst spending time in nature is annoying and worrying enough. But it’s much, much worse when an infestation hits you where it really hurts – in and around your valuable Sydney home. When it happens, you need one thing, and one thing only:

The very best pest control Sydney can offer

Have you noticed:

  • Droppings?
  • Signs of nesting?
  • Grease marks?
  • Physical damage to your home?
  • Plant/garden damage?

Oh-oh! You may well have been infiltrated by some of Sydney’s most common pests. There’s no doubt that it’s one of the very best places to live and work anywhere in Australia and the world. But that doesn’t mean Sydney doesn’t have its pesky and pest-y challenges that you really need to watch out for.

Did you know the most common pests in Sydney are:

Termites?: 1 in 4 Sydney homes will grapple with a potentially devastating and utterly destructive termite infestation. The best way to deal with that is with a thorough and regular termite inspection.

Spiders?: They may scare the kids, and even you, but for very good reason. The Sydney funnel-web is one of the world’s deadliest spiders, but there are also red-backs, trap door spiders, white-tails and many, many more.

Rodents?: Mice and rats don’t just chew away at our valuable homes, they also contaminate our food and carry a wide range of diseases.

Wasps?: A single wasp nest in Sydney can host literally tens of thousands of these critters, and a single sting is not only excruciating, but it can also be deadly.

Everything else: Mozzies, ants, snakes, possums, fleas, bees, cockroaches … oh my!

Unfortunately, the list of troublesome Sydney pests risking your health, your peace and your wallet just goes on and on and on. And to ensure your home or premises is fully protected against a devastating or disruptive infestation, you should only ever trust Sydney’s best pest control services.


How do you find a Sydney pest control service you can really trust?

When pests invade, you simply want the best possible professionals to be on the job as soon as possible. But before you select a name out of a hat, how can you be sure you’re about to rely on one of the most trusted pest control services Sydney wide?

The pest control companies Sydney trusts the most:

Are professional: Great pest control Sydney wide is no joke. As well as all the right training, insurance and licensing, you need your professional support to feature-rich experience, up to date knowledge and all the best and latest methods, technologies, products and proven results – all delivered with a smile.

Are trusted: How can you be sure your chosen Sydney pest control professionals are trusted? At Pest Control Heroes, we only work with the absolute best local pest controllers across Sydney and Australia.

Get Sydney’s best pest control reviews: We sort out the wheat from the chaff by taking our time to review and then recommend only the pest control agencies that are legitimately and thoroughly trusted by people who had a pest problem and had it thoroughly and properly solved for a great price.

Offer up-front pricing: One of the best ways to identify Sydney’s best pest control is to look for fair, fixed and upfront pricing for complete peace of mind. Your chosen professionals should always give you a firm quote before the real work starts.

Guarantee their work: There’s no guarantee Sydney’s most problematic pests won’t come back one day. But there’s also no reason why the pest control companies Sydney can really trust won’t at least guarantee the quality of the work they carry out.

Pest control Sydney is easy with Pest Control Heroes!

So while finding great, reliable and affordable professionals in pest control Sydney wide can be really difficult, there’s one way to absolutely guarantee it. How’s that? With the help of Pest Control Heroes! We’re a thoroughly trusted local pest controller network that only ever works with totally verified, positively reviewed and highly recommended professionals in Sydney pest control. Our network extends across Sydney and beyond including:

Are Sydney’s most annoying pests getting you down? Knock them on the head today with Sydney’s best pest control professionals – with a little help from Pest Control Heroes, of course! Get in touch today and we’ll do the rest.

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