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Just discovered a termite nest? Don’t panic or disturb them. If the termites are exposed cover the area. Pest experts are on call, contact Pest Control Heroes. We will connect you to a technician ASAP to conduct a termite inspection & quote on termite treatment.

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The Need For A Termite Inspection

Australian Standards in relation to termite treatment requires that when live termites are found that attempts are carried out to destroy the entire colony, so a thorough termite inspection is required to try to locate the termite nest (or termite nests).

A thorough termite inspection will be undertaken generally for an hour or longer, including inside and outside your building, including the ceiling and garden.

Following the termite inspection, our verified pest controller will be able to advise you on termite treatment options and treatments cost.

Termite Treatment Chemicals, Options, And Cost

The cost of termite treatments varies according to the termite treatment chemicals used. The best termite treatments are not necessarily the termite treatments that cost the most. This is where our experienced pest controllers can help save you money.

If all termite nests are found, the termite treatment chemicals can be applied directly. However, generally, termite treatments require a combination of methods including contaminant dusts and aggregation or termite baits so that the termite treatments are able to pass from the worker termites to the rest of the termite colony.

Remedial termite treatments can then be applied for termite protection from any future termite infestations.

The disturbance is the major cause of termite treatment failure. The below tips will help when termites have been discovered. Found termites – DON’T PANIC! Minimise any disturbance because disruption causes termites to stop working in this area and may make termite treatments more difficult.

STOP what you were doing when you found termites. Try to conceal the location of the termites with cardboard, tape, foil, anything to minimize the light and air-flow into the area. Then leave the area alone or you will only chase the termites to another area where they will start to create more damage.

Do not use insecticides and sprays on the termites. This has no effect on the termite nest.

If some termites have been displaced, try collecting these for faster analysis of the species.

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