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Did you know your home is more likely to incur devastating damage as a result of a termite infestation than it is by fire? If that’s alarming, the news gets even worse: They’re hard to get rid of if you drop the ball with termite prevention, termite droppings are bad for your skin and your health, and your insurance policy probably makes no mention of these dirty and destructive little home-munchers.

Use 4 senses to watch out for termites

If you’re suitably alarmed, it’s probably wise to watch out for the common signs that indicate you might need urgent termite pest control:

  1. LISTEN out for quiet clicking and chewing sounds, caused by soldier termites whacking their heads against your home’s valuable wood structures – and munching them, too. Another common trick during termite inspections is tapping on timber which may have been hollowed out from the inside.
  2. LOOK out for flying termites and discarded wings, and swarms of them around light sources and after it has rained. Also, keep your eye on mud tubes on the exterior walls and near your home’s foundations, and unexplained cracks on your internal walls.
  3. You may also FEEL that your doors and windows are becoming harder to open and close as the window frames become weakened and warped.
  4. If you SMELL mould and mildew near what appears to be coffee grinds, that may actually be termite droppings (frass).

Are your senses telling you that millions of termites may be ruining your property from the inside out? You should start your search for trusted pest professionals near you that are reputable, reviewed and recommended – and book a termite inspection straight away.


What will a local termite inspection team do?

If you book one of the best experts in termite protection with the help of Pest Control Heroes, you can expect the inspection team to:

  • Inspect your home’s exterior including your fence line, gardens, garages, sheds and other structures
  • Look out for nests, signs of termite activity, and items that may attract an infestation
  • Walk your property’s perimeter to inspect the slab and footings
  • Inspect every inch of your home’s interior, checking for hollow spots, damaged wall interiors, and the sounds of termite activity.

Your reliable, trained, experienced and recommended termite inspections team will also use specialised equipment and products to assist in their search, including torches, moisture meters, termite dongers and pickers and even state-of-the-art radar technology.

What are the best termite prevention methods?

But even if your place gets a clean bill of health, that could simply be a sign that you’ve been lucky so far to avoid an infestation. Your termite prevention experts will then recommend a termite protection plan for your home.

Termite prevention is best done by:

  • Scheduling regular inspections
  • Removing sources of moisture
  • Fixing plumbing problems like water leaks
  • Advising on garden design/practices including wood storage
  • Advising on ventilation
  • Dead tree or stump removal.

It’s also a great idea to brush up on what a termite looks like so that you don’t confuse a harmless ant or another small insect with these destructive critters.

A termite:

  • Is 0.7mm-1cm in length
  • Six legs
  • Has a long body with a swollen abdomen
  • Has short antennae
  • Two pairs of wings (for flying termites), although worker & soldier termites do not have wings.

Remember, termites are attracted by warm, dark and moist areas – because they make the best locations for a colony of millions. Don’t put out the welcome mat for an infestation by leaving rubbish (especially paper & cardboard) laying around, putting gardens too close to your home, wetting your house when you’re watering the garden, or ignoring a leak or drainage problem.

If you’ve been lucky with termites so far, don’t get complacent! No, there’s no substitute for the skills, experience & technology used by professional experts in termite prevention, inspection and treatment. But YES, there are plenty of things you can put in place right now to boost your chances of warding off this most destructive of Australian household pests.

Have you?:

  • Looked at your foundation lately?
  • Checked for signs of termite activity & damage?
  • Maintained a property sealed & ventilated home?
  • Stored wood away from your structures?
  • Trimmed your trees & shrubs?
  • Sprayed termiticide on your wood structures?
  • Used treated wood for your projects?


Only the best local termite control techniques

But if your termite protection team is especially worried or actually spots signs of termite activity and damage, they’ll need to pull out the big guns of professional termite treatment.

This may involve:

Termite baiting: The installation of pet and child-safe termite bait stations is among the best methods for both termite prevention and control. The termites will be attracted to the non-toxic station in the ground and then take the bait back to the nest where the entire colony is wiped out.

Chemical treatments/barriers: Around the perimeter of your home, chemical soil treatment will kill termites as they attempt to munch their way into your place.

Wood treatment: The best termite treatment specialists have a lot in their toolbox, including wood treatments, surface and injected sprays/foams, and more.

The termite control methods required for your home or premises depends on your location, infestation, budget, and several other factors. Therefore, the very best thing you can do is to let Pest Control Heroes help you get in touch with a true market leader near you.

How can Pest Control Heroes help with your termites?

We personally review and recommend only the absolute best pest inspectors and controllers near you, ensuring that every professional team in our network is:

  • Prompt
  • Fully trained & experienced
  • Positively reviewed & recommended
  • Friendly.

The best termite specialists in the business will also be able to tell you about all of the latest termite control techniques, tricks, technologies and tools they deploy each and every day. Moreover, they’ll all offer standard five-star services including upfront pricing for termite treatment, guaranteed workmanship, and positive online review ratings checked by a Level 5 Google local guide.

Say goodbye to your termite worries today

Have we convinced you that professional support for your termite prevention & control is a very good idea? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Pest Control Heroes exists for one reason only: To find you the best, most trusted and most positively reviewed & recommended local pest controllers near you!

There’s a lot out there on the competitive pest control market, but we only connect you with the cream of the crop! Get a quote today by sending us a message.