termite protection

Installing a termite protection system limits the risk of termites gaining entry into your building.

The verified pest controllers at Pest Control Heroes are fully licensed and insured to install a range of termite protection systems for post or pre construction termite barriers. Termites are a necessary and important part of our nature, provided they stick to nature. Termites convert dead trees into organic matter but by not being able to distinguish wooden materials found in the outdoors to that in the framework of our buildings termites pose a real threat to all buildings.

Termite protection is usually in the form of a chemical termite barrier and/or physical termite barrier, more often a combination of both.

As the most common type of termite is the subterranean termite, installing a termite barrier under the slab and around the perimeter of the building is recommended to reduce entry from under the soil.

  • Physical Termite Barriers can consist of metal mesh, granite chips & stainless steel, physical materials that the termites cannot pass through.
  • Chemical Termite Barriers consist of termiticide and can be applied to the soil and building materials that repel or kill termites.

For existing structures, many people opt for termite baiting as the strategy against termites entering the building.

If installed correctly, a chemical termite barrier can provide effective termite protection. However, it is not always possible to install a chemical termite barrier post-construction. There are several types of termite baits available in Australia. Termite bait is very effective in eliminating termite colonies.

Some factors to consider when looking for a termite prevention system to suit your situation include location, building construction type, previous termite activity and budget.

  • Homeowners and Asset Maintenance can also better their chance of termite protection through some simple housekeeping.
  • Don’t build garden beds right up to the wall of a building or store firewood close to your home.
  • Fix all leaking pipes and hoses and perform self-inspections a few times throughout the year.
  • Arrange for an annual termite inspection and get good termite protection advice for your specific environment.

For effective termite control, had a termite protection system. Get in touch with us today!