Question: What do you need to arrive, survive and then thrive as a pest control business today? You’ve got the skills. You’ve got the training and credentials. You’ve collected some experience, the know-how, and bought all the vehicles and equipment you need – and you’re ready to start filling up your appointment book with clients.

What’s missing? Well, to get those pest control leads that turn into satisfied customers, spread the word and come back time and time again, you’re going need to utilise the best pest control marketing ideas. Not just to get the phone ringing, but to do so with efficient strategies that generate pest control leads consistently and at a sustainable cost.

If you don’t get your name out there in the right places your prospective clients are looking, that appointment book is simply not going to fill up. But here’s the brilliant news. As we say hello to 2022 and beyond, there have never been more effective ways to supercharge your pest control leads with the best modern, digital and extremely powerful pest control marketing ideas.

From a pest control marketing company that gets results, we are going to revel the top pest control marketing ideas that will help you stand out from the bustling crowd and become *the* local pest control company that everyone is looking for.

This guide is packed full of information, so we’ve broken it down into the following key sections.

  • The customer journey in 2022
  • Pest control company marketing ideas
  • Next steps for pest control leads

Pest Control Leads: The Customer Journey

Here’s the steps a customer typically takes in the digital age before making a booking with a pest control company, illustrated with an example. In this scenario a homeowner (let’s call her Sarah) regularly wakes to hearing noises from above.

  • Sarah reaches for her phone, Googles “scratching noise in roof” and reads a blog post about what to do.
  • After reading about the possible suspects, she decides to call a local pest control company.
  • This time Sarah Googles “best pest control near me” and see’s the same pest control company that wrote the blog post.
  • Sarah reviews the companies reputation online. Checking their Google reviews, website for trust factors and Facebook page for activity.
  • After deciding they seem to be a credible local business, she makes a call for a booking.

The customers Journey doesn’t stop there for smart pest control marketing. What happens next?

  • The pest controller arrives on time, provides great customer service and completes the repair.
  • Sarah receives a follow up message asking what she thought of the service and asking for an online review.
  • A month later a friend of Sarah’s tells her they have pest control problems and Sarah tells them about her experience.
  • Her friend Google’s the company name and makes a booking trusting Sarah’s recommendation.
  • Six months later Sarah see’s a newsletter about termite inspections and decides it’s a great idea for peace of mind.
  • She clicks through to the company website and calls again, this time as a repeat customer.

There are many journeys a customer like Sarah can take, but essentially its:

  • Awareness – Discovering they have a need
  • Research – Investigating what to do about it
  • Purchase – Finding someone they trust for the job
  • Brand champion – Satisfied customers come back and refer others

So, being in front of the customer at each of these stages you can not only generate great pest control leads but turn one into three! Smart pest control marketing uses a mix of strategies to ensure your business appears at each step of the marketing funnel for maximum leads. So hear they are…

Top Pest Control Marketing Ideas

1. A mobile-friendly website

Your business website is the number one sales guy on your team. If your website isn’t up to scratch the hard work put in to drive traffic is wasted when they don’t convert into leads. Way over half of all searches for local pest controls are now done on a mobile, meaning there’s no excuse, you simply must have a pest control website fully optimised for mobile devices.

2. Local SEO

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is crucial for any business because the goal is to get your business naturally ranking above all of your competitors. But in a highly competitive industry like pest control, local SEO for pest controllers is doubly important, because it means you’ll be found specifically by the people in your local area.

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3. Google Business Profiles (formerly Google My Business)

We’ll let you in on a little secret when it comes to getting high up in those crucial Google rankings – it’s called Google Business Profiles (GBP). Especially for those all-important local searches, having a fully optimised Google Business Profile, which is how you get listed on Google Maps, will put you ahead of the game. When Google see’s a search keyword with local intent (“pest control Gold Coast” for example) you should appear in the local map pack as well as the regular search results.

4. Pest Control Advertising

Thinking of putting an ad in the paper? On a billboard? It can work, but by far the most successful AND cost-effective paid pest control advertising is pay per click (PPC). PPC means that whether your crucial SEO is up to scratch or not, you’ll still be on page 1 on those search engines. The beauty of pest control advertising is you can turn it on and the phone starts ringing. This comes at a higher cost per lead than a long term SEO strategy, so there are trade offs.

The most popular pest control advertising channels in 2022 are:

  • Google Ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • Bing Ads

5. Buy Pest Control Leads

There are a few websites where you can buy pest control leads, but often they are a race to the bottom in terms of pricing. Why? These sites typically offer “3 quotes” for customers and sell the lead three times or more. This appeals to people hunting for the lowest price.

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6. Email Marketing

It may seem a little out of date in 2020, but email marketing remains highly effective. And, if you keep and curate that marketing list well enough, the people receiving your emails – your clients – won’t even mind. It’s the perfect way to keep in touch and show you care about your clients with updates, tips and tricks, reminders and newsletters.

7. Social Media

As we mentioned above, being on social media – we’re talking Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram and others – is a no-brainer when it comes to pest control marketing ideas you cannot ignore. Everyone but everyone is on social media, so that means expanding the reach of your pest control company and the power of your marketing efforts.

8. Online Reviews

Of course, you want your clients to like you. But when considering your pest control advertising, there’s nothing more valuable than having a range of positive online reviews on the net. Why’s that? Research has shown that a staggering 90% of those choosing a business read an online review first.

9. Blogging

As we saw in Sarah’s example, high ranking, quality blog content that helps people is critical to appearing early in the customer journey. This type of content just keeps giving getting you in front of people regularly without the hard sell. Not just in search results but feeding it out to social media and email marketing lists.

10. Video

Especially on your social media channels, website and blog, a successful pest control marketing campaign are going to need content that attracts eyes, clicks and brains. And by far the most effective content in 2020 is video. You may need the help of a pest control marketing company, but video really is the way to boost engagement, your brand, and stand out from the crowd.

11. Local Directories

But don’t forget the continuing effectiveness of local online directories, like the Yellow Pages and Gumtree. These listings may also show up in search engine results, and there are options to promote those ads on-site too.

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Promoting your business and generating pest control leads may be challenging, but in our exciting, fast-moving and increasingly digital times, it’s not only possible – it’s crucial! These pest control marketing idea expertly applied by the Pest Control Heroes team will supercharge your pest control business just like we’ve done for others like you. Get in touch today by sending us a message for a free consultation.

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