european wasp sting

Everything You Need To Know About European Wasp Sting

In Australia, you can get European wasp nests that have well over 100,000 wasps. They are a growing problem and like to stay close to humans and homes because of the great food and drink supply, especially all things sweet. When they are around it is a very good idea to have some knowledge of European wasp sting first aid.

how to get rid of european wasps effectively

How To Get Rid Of European Wasps Effectively

One of the most annoying pests Australians have to handle from summer to autumn is the European wasps. Invading homes, crashing parties and BBQs, they are aggressive and nasty pests that no-one wants to deal with. Here is a bit more about them so you better understand them and how to get rid of a European wasp nest.

scratching noise in roof

What’s That Scratching Noise In Your Roof? Here Are The Culprits!

What just woke you up at 3 am? Was it a bird? A possum? A rat? No matter what it was, that scratching noise in your roof was both annoying and worrying – but you’re not alone. Hearing scurrying and scratching in roof spaces is common the world over, but especially here in Australia.